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Champion USB Platfrom Barcode Scanner E90005



Attribute Details
Brand Champion
Model E9005
Scanning Capabilities 1D & 2D
Image Sensor CMOS
Field of View 39°(H) x 29°(V)
Resolution 640x480 Pixels
Roll 360°
Pitch ±65°
Yaw ±65°
Warranty 1 Year

More about Champion USB Platfrom Barcode Scanner E90005

The Champion E9005 Barcode Scanner represents a leap forward in scanning technology, designed to provide businesses with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Crafted by the reputable brand Champion, the E9005 combines advanced features with a commitment to durability, making it an ideal solution for various industries.

Equipped with the capability to scan both 1D and 2D barcodes, the E9005 ensures versatility in barcode decoding. This capability allows businesses to efficiently capture traditional linear barcodes as well as more complex 2D barcodes, expanding the range of applications and use cases.

At the heart of the E9005 is a high-quality CMOS image sensor, boasting a resolution of 640x480 pixels. This level of detail ensures that barcodes are captured with exceptional clarity, contributing to accurate and reliable scanning. The CMOS technology enhances the scanner's performance in various lighting conditions, making it suitable for diverse business environments.

The E9005 features an expansive field of view, measuring 39 degrees horizontally and 29 degrees vertically. This wide field of view allows for efficient scanning of barcodes, even in situations where the positioning may vary. The scanner's ability to cover a broad area makes it suitable for applications in retail, logistics, healthcare, and more.

A standout feature of the E9005 is its ability to roll 360 degrees, offering unmatched flexibility in scanning angles. Additionally, the scanner supports pitch movements of ±65 degrees and yaw movements of ±65 degrees. This adaptability ensures that the scanner can seamlessly capture barcodes from various orientations, minimizing the need for manual adjustments.

Champion's commitment to quality is underscored by the 1-year warranty provided with the E9005. This warranty reflects the brand's confidence in the durability and performance of the scanner, offering businesses peace of mind and assurance in their investment.

In conclusion, the Champion E9005 Barcode Scanner is a sophisticated and reliable solution that seamlessly integrates advanced features with the trusted reputation of the Champion brand. With its versatile scanning capabilities, high-resolution CMOS sensor, expansive field of view, and a 1-year warranty, the E9005 is poised to elevate your business's scanning precision. Invest in this cutting-edge scanner to optimize your operations and experience the benefits of accurate and efficient barcode scanning.


- The Champion USB Platform Barcode Scanner E90005 with 01 year Warranty
- Champion USB Platform Barcode Scanner E90005 BD Price in Bangladesh
Where Use:
Community System.
Commercial Complex.
Chain Store.
Garments and Industries.

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