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WGP Mini UPS DC UPS for Router, Onu, CC Camera 5V 9V 12V Output
WGP Mini UPS DC UPS for Router, Onu, CC Camera 5V 9V 12V Output
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WGP Mini UPS price in Bangladesh 2024

It is a mini UPS that keeps Routers, ONUs, IP Cameras, Robotics, and Electronics Projects running when input power is out. In addition to providing uninterrupted operation for your internet modems, VOIP telephone systems, digital cameras, alarm systems, point of sale systems, and many other devices in an emergency, this small and powerful device also functions as an emergency power backup device.

WGP 8000mAh Mini UPS - Perfect for Wifi Routers

The 8000mAh mini UPS is ideal for power backup. It can run a WIFI Router/ADSL router plus ONU and Switch. It has an 8-12 hour backup time, so it can easily be used during load shedding. Mini UPS is more suitable where load shedding occurs frequently. The UPS's power capacity is 8800mAh. This lot of energy can cover unwanted situations. You can also run the modem and router with this UPS when the power goes out. It protects your router and ONU from Thunder surge voltage. This router also gives you surge protection.

Purchase the best mini UPS in Bangladesh: President It. It comes with 8000mAh of power.

You can get the original WGP Mini UPS for Wifi Router from PresidentIt in Bangladesh. Buying WGP Mini UPS is easy for us.. You can order online or visit your nearest PresidentIt store to get yours at the cheapest price. The WGP Mini UPS does not have any warranty.

WGPS Mini UPS for wifi router and WGPS Mini UPS for ANU 8 Hours power backup price in Bangladesh in 2024

The WGP MINI UPS Offer price in BD is 1700 ৳. In 2024, we will offer the lowest price on the WGP Mini UPS . The WGP Mini UPS 12.12 Sale Offer is now available at our store (please contact us for more information). Follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel for product reviews. We will deliver it to you within 2-3 days of paying online or by cash on delivery in Dhaka city or you can visit our showroom.


Some Common Question of WGP Mini UPS

Which is the best price you can find for WGP Mini UPS Router onu in Bangladesh?

WGP Mini UPS Router onu price in Bangladesh = 1,950.00 You can order the WGP Mini UPS Router onu at the most competitive rates by visiting our website or visiting any of our showrooms.

How does the Multi-Output feature of the UPS work?

In general, this device comes with 3 different DC output voltages that range from 5V, 9V, and 12V. The USB output port allows you to have a powerful power bank experience that allows you to charge your smartphone or other electronic device.

How about a backup power supply?

A typical WiFi-Router provides up to 9 hours of battery backup, which is more than enough for what is expected most of the time. As battery backup depends on the load current, we hope you are able to get a satisfactory result from the 8800mAh battery built into the router.

What are the instructions for using this device?

To connect the device to the in-built battery, you will need to use a 9V/12V power adapter. When the power goes out, the battery automatically provides power. A quick double press of the power button will turn the output power off when used as a power bank for a phone, while a single press of the power button will turn the output power on. When electricity is restored, the output will switch to a power adapter from its battery.

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