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Feature Specification
Panel Size 24″
Panel Type Clear Backlit LED
Panel Resolution 1920×1080
Speaker 20W Stereo Speaker
Operating System Android 4.4
Storage 4GB
MicroSD Yes Supported
Miracast Yes
Warranty 1 year

Introducing the 24" LED TV Plan, a compact yet powerful entertainment solution designed to enhance your viewing experience. Here's a comprehensive description of the plan:

Sleek Design: The 24" LED TV features a Clear Backlit LED panel, offering a crisp and clear display. With a panel resolution of 1920×1080, enjoy detailed visuals and vibrant colors on the compact screen.

Immersive Audio: Enhance your audio experience with the built-in 20W Stereo Speaker system. Whether you're watching movies, TV shows, or gaming, the speakers deliver rich and immersive sound for a captivating entertainment experience.

Smart Entertainment: Powered by Android 4.4, this TV transforms into a smart hub, giving you access to a variety of apps, streaming services, and online content. Explore a world of digital entertainment right from your TV screen.

Smooth Performance: Equipped with 500MB of RAM and 4GB of storage, the TV ensures smooth performance and responsiveness. Switch between applications, stream content, and enjoy multitasking without any lag.

Versatile Connectivity: Connect your favorite devices seamlessly with USB, VGA, HDMI, and A/V ports. Whether it's gaming consoles, streaming devices, or Blu-ray players, the TV provides multiple options for connectivity.

Expandable Storage: Take advantage of the MicroSD support to expand the TV's storage capacity. Store additional apps, games, and content for convenient access whenever you need it.

Wireless Mirroring: Utilize the Miracast feature to wirelessly mirror content from compatible devices onto the TV screen. Share photos, videos, and presentations effortlessly.

Warranty Assurance: The 24" LED TV Plan includes a 1-year warranty, providing peace of mind and support for any unexpected issues during the covered period.

Compact Entertainment: Ideal for smaller spaces or as a secondary TV, the 24" LED TV Plan combines a sleek design with advanced features to deliver a complete entertainment package. Whether it's for your bedroom, kitchen, or office, this TV plan offers a versatile and enjoyable viewing experience.

Overall Experience: With its compact size, smart functionality, and high-quality display, the 24" LED TV Plan is designed to cater to your entertainment needs. Enjoy a variety of content, connect your devices effortlessly, and experience a reliable and immersive viewing journey.

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