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08 pcs 2MP Dahua cctv camera package



DVR Machine Eight Ports Dahua Brand 1080 Pixels, Model : XVR1A08 – 1 Piece
CCTV Camera Dahua 2 Mega Pixel Model : DH- HAC-B1A21P – 8 Piece
 Adapter Water Proof Adapter 12 Volt 2 Amp - 8 Pc
Video Balloon Lock system – 16 pcs
Cable Video and Electric – 160 meters
Hard Disk Samsung / Western Digital 1000 GB – 1 pc
Warranty  1 year
Note: Installation charges (only Tk 500 per camera within Dhaka)

More about dahua cctv camera package:

Upgrade your security with the Dahua CCTV Kit, a comprehensive surveillance solution that combines cutting-edge technology with robust hardware. The heart of this system is the Dahua XVR machine, equipped with eight 1080P HD ports to deliver high-resolution video capture for your security needs. This advanced DVR machine, the Dahua XVR1A08, ensures optimal performance and reliability.

The kit includes eight Dahua 2 Mega Pixel cameras, specifically the DH-HAC-B1A21P model. These cameras are designed to provide exceptional clarity and detail in their footage. Whether you re monitoring a residential property, a business, or any other location, these cameras offer reliable surveillance.

To power the entire system, the Dahua CCTV Kit comes with waterproof adapters. These adapters provide a stable 12-volt, 2-amp power supply to each component, ensuring continuous operation even in challenging weather conditions. With eight adapters included in the kit, you can efficiently power all components of your surveillance system. The video balloon lock system, consisting of 16 pieces, adds an extra layer of security to your setup. These locks ensure that your cameras and cables stay in place, deterring tampering or interference. This feature is especially crucial in outdoor installations where weather and potential vandalism are concerns. For flexibility in installation, the kit provides a generous supply of video and electric cables, totaling 160 meters. This allows you to position your cameras strategically, covering a wide area without compromising on connectivity. The kit is designed to accommodate various installation scenarios, providing you with the versatility needed for your specific surveillance requirements.

To store your valuable footage securely, the Dahua CCTV Kit includes a high-capacity hard disk from reputable brands like Samsung or Western Digital. With a 1000GB capacity, this hard disk ensures that you have ample storage space for continuous recording and playback, allowing you to review footage as needed.

Investing in the Dahua CCTV Kit not only elevates your security measures but also provides peace of mind. The comprehensive package, backed by a 1-year warranty, offers reliability and durability, making it a sound choice for both residential and commercial surveillance applications. Upgrade to Dahua s advanced CCTV technology for a smarter, more secure environment.


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