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CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh

When selecting CCTV cameras for your home, office, or business, there are several factors to consider. Many brands and types of CCTV cameras in Bangladesh with different resolutions. There can be a lot to consider when choosing a camera at an affordable price. In this article, we have explained CCTV camera prices in Bangladesh so that you can select the best camera to meet your budget and needs.

President IT & Engineering can help with any of your CCTV security needs. Elephant Road Computer Samity and Bangladesh Computer Samity are members of our organization. Champion Hikvision, Dahua, Jovision, and ZKTeco Brands are our authorized distributors in Bangladesh. We have a wide range of CCTV cameras perfect for all applications. Therefore, we have the ideal camera for your security needs.

You can check out our selection if you're looking for a high-quality, affordable CCTV camera price in Bangladesh. President IT & Engineering is a leading Bangladeshi CCTV security camera company. We deliver high-quality products at affordable prices. Our CCTV camera experts are here to help you find the right camera for your needs.

CC Camera Available Lowest Price in Bangladesh From President IT

CC cameras have made the security of Bangladesh much easier. Champion company is adding new features of CC cameras to improve security. President it is getting the best CC camera for people's needs and budget. President IT has been selling Champion Brand CC Cameras and IP Cameras wholesale for eleven years..

CC is the full form of a closed circuit camera. Closed circuit is called a CC camera. Captures and records video as soon as the CC camera is turned on. This record video you can monitor and mobile. If you install 5 CC cameras around your home or office, you can watch video from anywhere in the mobile world. If you buy a CC camera package from President IT, you can run it safely for many years. We don't have a problem with our CC camera if the problem is only a hard disk problem after a few years. Besides, you can be worry free for many years if you use our best cc cam. Why buy cameras from us? That's why I bought dahua, hikvision gives the best brand camera and cc camera is set up by a skilled engineer.

CC camera takes video at its specified location. CCTV cameras are very important to catch theft, robberies, terrorists, and you can see accident footage. Use CCTV cameras today for home and office security.

Types of CCTV Cameras in Bangladesh

Analog cameras:In CCTV systems, an analog camera is a traditional wired color camera. Analog cameras capture images and videos, then send them to DVRs and VCRs (Digital Video Recorder). All CCTV cameras are highly compatible, so you can add any number of cameras from any brand. Analog cameras can save you money and are easy to install.

IP Camera:A CCTV camera that operates on the Internet Protocol (IP) standard is an Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV camera. A network camera captures images and videos the same way as a digital camera, but compresses the files to send them over the internet. A digital IP camera has a higher resolution than an analog camera because it is digital.

Buying CC cameras in Bangladesh

CC cameras are very important in Bangladesh crime control. CCTV cameras have become more popular now as people get aware of the importance of security. CCTV cameras are chosen for their homes and offices, schools, colleges, and institutions.

Why should CCTV cameras be used?

CCTV cameras are much needed for property security. Your home and office will be protected due to the improved technology in CCTV cameras. So use a CC camera for protection security today.

How Do You Choose The Right CCTV Camera?

- Camera Bullet, Dome, PTZ 2 High Resolution HD
- Camera lens
- Image recognition tool
- Night vision technology
- Wireless Wi-Fi.

If you use a CCTV camera, how far should you record?

Security cameras can generally see and record between 10 and 70 feet, depending on specifications such as lens size, resolution, and sensor type. Though some cameras have the ability to see farther than 1,000 feet, it is true that some can only see a distance of up to 500 feet.

Which is the best place to set up the camera?

Anywhere you like is a good place to set up the camera. There are, however, some special aspects to consider. such as

- Keep the camera at a distance
- The camera should be waterproof for outdoor use. And care should be taken to ensure that the weather is right.
- The camera should look beautiful
- Monitor camera installation, recording, and service.

If you want to take a good quality cc camera package?

You can get 5 camera packages, you will get 5 camera packages for 16,500 rupees from President IT and it comes with everything.

- 5 dome or bullet cameras
- 8 channel DVR machine
- 500GB hard disk
- 5 power adapters
- 5 pairs of video balloons
- 100 meter cable
- with experienced engineers

Before buying CCTV cameras, what should you look for?

Resolution: CCTV cameras are generally available in different resolutions including 720, 1080 pixels HD, and 4K Ultra HD. It is therefore important to choose a CCTV camera with a resolution that facilitates viewing clear and detailed video.

Type Camera: There are many types of cameras available at an affordable price in Bangladesh, including mini CC cameras, PTZ cameras, 360-degree CC cameras, IP cameras, and wifi cameras.

Type Lens: In order to ensure proper coverage and clarity, check the focal length and viewing angle of the camera lens before purchasing a CCTV camera.

Performance: In the case of surveillance at night or in low light, a CCTV camera with good low-light performance should be considered.

Storage: You can use a CCTV camera with integrated storage or a CCTV camera with a network video recorder.

Connectivity: Check whether the monitoring system is wired or wireless for CCTV monitoring.

Weatherproof: In order to ensure a stable and reliable use of your outdoor CCTV camera, you should check the camera's body when purchasing it.

Motion detection: Consider whether mobile or laptop motion detection and alarm systems are available with CCTV cameras.

Remote: Ensure that the CCTV camera you buy has remote access when you purchase it. You will be able to access video footage remotely via your mobile phone or computer.

Brand: The price of CCTV cameras in Bangladesh is affordable for a variety of brands.

Common Questions about CC Cameras in Bangladesh

What is a CCTV camera IR?
Whether there is light or not, the night vision camera will cover all the time. Give specific colors during the day. At night there is black and white and color (IR).
How to watch CC camera video?
You can watch it on a monitor and TV. But CCTV needs to be purchased for the IP facility.
Can CCTV footage be viewed on a smartphone or computer?
Of course, smartphones and computers can easily view CCTV footage. Footage can be viewed by browsing the CCTV camera video record through its own mobile app or software.
What is the popular CC camera brand in Bangladesh?
Dahua, Hikvision, and various Chinese brand CCTV cameras are available in Bangladesh at unbelievable prices.
Can a CC camera record sound?
Of course, by adding a microphone built into the CC camera. You can listen to audio and video footage records.
Can you use the CC camera without an internet connection?
Of course, a CC camera will work without the internet. You can view the CC camera with a closed circuit camera cable without an internet connection.
How long is CCTV camera footage kept?
CCTV camera video footage can be kept up to 90 days. You can save using something different to save recording device storage.
What can be seen without CCTV camera light?
Infrared cameras with CCTV cameras provide clear light during video recording.

Why Choose Us as Your CCTV Camera Company?

You can choose from a wide variety of CCTV cameras for your home, office, or any business place in Bangladesh. We know buying CCTV Camera products can be confusing; that's why we only work with the best products, and we ensure:

- Cameras with a smallest resolution
- Greatest warranty
- Careful consideration to avoid damages
- You will get what we promise

After-sales service

President IT has been installing security systems in Bangladesh. We provide CCTV camera installation and security camera systems to residential and commercial customers in Bangladesh. We pride ourselves on the professional installation service of security cameras and CCTV accessories you need.
Our CCTV installers are experienced, reliable, knowledgeable, and well-trained in the industry. We have our installation team with professional technicians and office staff. We have a proven record of designing, installing, and maintaining CCTV camera systems.

How Much Will it Cost?

Professional installation starts from as little as The price is 500 Taka for inside Dhaka, and 1000 Taka for outside Dhaka.

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