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Description about RJ45 modular plug:

  1.     RJ45 modular plug supports 4 twisted pairs, meet wiring scheme
  2.     Housing: polycarbonate, 94V-2, transparent color
  3.     Contact terminal: phosphor bronze
  4.     Finished: 50 micro-inch gold plating, over 50 micro inch Nickel plated on contact area
  5.     Operating temperature: -40°C to 80°C
  6.     Cable to plug tensile strength: 7.7 kgs
  7.     Terminates 24-26 AWG stranded wires, wiring scheme T568A/T568B

The RJ45 Cable Connector is a reliable and efficient solution for terminating Ethernet cables. It is designed to support 4 twisted pairs and conforms to the T568A/T568B wiring scheme. Here are the key features: Made of polycarbonate with a 94V-2 flame retardancy rating, the transparent color of the housing allows for easy visibility. The connector features contact terminals made of phosphor bronze, ensuring durability and efficient signal transmission.The contact terminals are finished with 50 micro-inch gold plating, providing excellent conductivity, with over 50 micro-inch Nickel plating in the contact area. The connector is designed to operate within a temperature range of -40°C to 80°C, ensuring reliability in various environments. The cable-to-plug tensile strength is rated at 7.7 kgs, providing secure connections. It terminates 24-26 AWG stranded wires, making it suitable for various cable types commonly used in networking.

This RJ45 Cable Connector is a versatile and robust choice for creating Ethernet connections, offering durability, efficient signal transmission, and ease of use in a variety of applications.

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